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    Purcell Julie & Lefkowitz LLP is dedicated to fighting corporate misconduct, protecting the rights of shareholders, and holding officers and directors of publicly-traded companies accountable for wrongful actions. Our lawyers have a proven track record of success in obtaining millions of dollars in recoveries for companies and shareholders and securing far-reaching corporate reforms designed to prevent future misconduct. Our firm combines the experience, skills, and sophistication of a large law firm with a level of focused attention to our clients’ needs that only a boutique firm can consistently provide. We take pride in our unique ability to uncover many forms of corporate misconduct and to prosecute cases on behalf of the shareholders who have been harmed by it. The trust our clients place in us to fight for their rights fuels our passion and dedication to our work. If you are a shareholder and believe you have been injured by corporate wrongdoing, please contact us to discuss how we can help. We have substantial experience in handling a wide variety of shareholder litigation, including cases involving:

    Breach of Fiduciary Duty

    Corporate insiders owe shareholders a duty of loyalty, honesty and good faith. A breach of this duty can harm investors in a variety of ways, including financial loss and dilution of voting power. We work to ensure that officers and directors act with integrity and fairness, and seek to hold them accountable when they have not.


    Fraud often involves false and misleading statements about the company and its operations, which can lead to substantial monetary losses for shareholders. But corporate fraud can take many different and less obvious forms as well – We have the experience and skills to recognize these schemes and help defrauded shareholders obtain remedies.

    Insider Trading

    Where corporate insiders have abused their position by profiting from their special access to confidential information belonging to the corporation, we work to hold them accountable for these improper trades and to see that they give back their wrongful trading profits.

    Conflicted Transactions

    Insiders and controlling shareholders may attempt to abuse their power by transferring assets at unfair prices or otherwise extracting special benefits at the expense of other shareholders. We carefully monitor these transactions and take action when we find that wrongdoing has occurred.

    Corporate Waste

    Shareholders have a right to see that corporate assets are used to the company’s benefit and not squandered or wrongfully depleted. We help make sure this right is respected.

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